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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my tickets?

If you’ve selected an e-ticket, your reservation is saved electronically. All you require is only your reference number, which will be dispatched by email to you as soon as you complete your booking.

E-ticket is an electronic ticket. Actually it’s a ‘ticket free’ method to book flights. After you are done with your reservation your ticket is saved electronically in the system of booking of airline you availed the services of. Paper tickets are more expensive and you can avert its cost if you select an e-ticket whenever it is available. When you like to check in for your reservation at the airport, just demonstrate the airline officials your identification like your credit card used for reservation or your passport. Provide them your booking reference number also and you will be issued a boarding card at the moment. So, keep your identification form that you chose for your reservation at the time of check in.

Though we offer you the best deals on the available flights but a great number of tickets we offer come with limitations. In simpler words, buy a cheaper ticket and get more limitations. Once you have chosen your air travel, look or the limitations linked to your voyage by opening the page of Conditions. The fare rules for price and fares of your flight are all posted there. Among the fare regulations you will also find possibility available for you regarding any change in your ticket like refund or return. If alterations are permitted, confirm to what extent you are allowed to change your voyage and how much extra cash you will need to pay. Overall it all depends on the availability of new tickets for future dates.

If you have obtained a paper ticket for your journey, the amount of baggage permission can be seen displayed on the down right curve of your ticket. In case you have availed an e-ticket, then only your airline can give you accurate information. Should there arose any problem or you need more information please contact the airlines you are travelling with.

In case your flight has been cancelled due to any inevitable reason, you are left with two choices: 1. Re-routing – under similar transport conditions, to your final resort of the ticket shown at check-in at the first opportunity or at a afterward at the passenger’s expediency, issue to availability of seats; or 2. A return of cash payable to the individual who availed the ticket.

Approximately all airlines facilitate three cabin classes: economy, business and first class. The price of your ticket follows the class level you have chosen. Currently some air companies have set up a 4th class of cabin that is situated somewhere between business and economy class. Virgin Airline has brought in Premium Economy, British Airways followed with World Traveler Plus. Economy classlimited: It has limitations because it offers usually the lowest fare and in general non-changeable and non-refundable. However, it is always good to update your knowledge by checking the fare rules linked with the flight you have chosen. Once you have chosen your flight, you can check the special limitations linked by clicking on the option ‘View fare rules’ on the top right hand corner of your air route page. Economy class unlimited: It is the lowest class you can avail the ticket of but has the facility that you can exchange your flight with another or have your ticket compensated if you needed. Premium Economy class or World Traveler Plus: It offers you a better affordable advance from Economy, offering more spacious seats than available in Economy, with a head support, a leg rest and a seat width of 38 inches. Fare regulations of your ticket may differ with this class, please collect the info at the time of reservation. Business class: It has the facility to change your ticket if you needed that or compensated unless other special limitations avert that. You are entitled to premium service on your flight. Seating is quite spacious and more comfy than Economy. Business class may not be found on all flights. First class: This ticket is fully exchangeable or returnable, and in general the most pricy ticket. As the name proves, this is the supreme service available on airplane with the most comfy seating and advantages. Seating is close to the front side of the plane, or on a different level.

The moment you find out that something has gone wrong, please inform us by email or by calling us on 0203 0027867 or 0775 701 1266, our timings are Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 19:00. It’s important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can guide you of the right thing to do and fare regulations and the costs for changing/cancelling the booking.

It is very easy. On the website, you dropdown the selection number of the travelers on a trip inclusive of infants.

Approximately all airlines offer three cabin classes; economy, business and first class. Currently, some airlines have set up a 4th class of cabin that is placed someplace between business and economy class – Virgin Atlantic brought in Premium Economy while British Airways offered World Traveler Plus. Both Premium Economy and World Traveler Plus offer a more affordable advance form: Economy, where you have head support, a leg rest and a seat as wide as 38 inches. They also provide private in-seat entertainment system that comes with a wider array of on screen entertainment with 18 channels of the latest movies and TV entertainment. When you search for a flight with Master Fare, we’ll inform you when Premium Economy or World Traveler Plus tickets are present for your journey. You have to do a simple job of clicking on the choice button beside to the logo, and you could find yourself to a reasonable promotion.

After your tickets have been processed, appraised and can be delivered at any time we’ll inform you by e-mail. If your selected method of deliverance First Class mail then you did not receive your tickets within 3 working days after the reservation, then you must inform us by email or by calling our Sales centre on 0203 0027867 or 0775 701 1266 timing will be Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 19:00 . The sales centre is in the position to advise you on the suitable course of action.