How do I get my tickets?

If you are booking an e-ticket, then your ticket will be reserved and saved electronically. All you need is your booking or reference number which you will receive via email as soon as you are finished booking.

What exactly is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket. You can book your ticket this way and once you are finished with your reservation, it will then be saved and accessible to the airline you have booked with.

How do I get to know if my flight can be changed or refunded?

We do our best to offer the best deals on flights, however there are some limitations on some of the tickets we offer. Basically, cheaper tickets come with more restrictions. To be sure of the status of your ticket, contact us to confirm if changes or alterations are available on the ticket and if additional costs are required in order to make those changes.

How much baggage am I allowed?

For those with physical tickets, the baggage allowance is visible right on the ticket. However, if you have an e-ticket then you would need to confirm the baggage. Kindly contact them for full details.

What happens when my flight is cancelled?

If for some reason, you flight is cancelled, then you could either: 1. Re-route your flight. This will involve a change in schedule and route to your eventual destination involving the same transport conditions; or 2. A refund will be made for the ticket amount.

What is meant by different air classes?

Most airlines run three air classes: first class, business and economy. Each class attracts different ticket fares. Some airlines like Virgin Airline and British Airways have incorporated an additional class which is a bit higher up than economy class, but not quite up to the business class.

How do I correct a mistake I made at the time of reservation?

One you realise that there has been an error, kindly get in touch with us via email or call us on 0203 002 7867. It is imperative to inform us as quickly as possible so we can walk you through the guidelines and procedures for correcting such mistakes.

What is “Premium Economy” & “World Traveller Plus”?

These are ticket classes offered by select airlines and they offer a step up from economy. They provide perks like increased leg room, wider seats and in-seat entertainment with more variety. If either of these options are available when you are booking a ticket, we will let you know. Once you click on the choice button, you may find a reasonable promotion on this ticket class.

What to do when I do not get my paper tickets?

Once your tickets have been approved, appraised and gone through the necessary process, we will inform you on when it will be delivered via email.

Can I use my frequent flyer miles to book a flight?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service at the moment. Kindly get in touch with the airline in question to book using your frequent flyer miles.

Will it cost me more to purchase tickets from Travelwide or on my own?

At Travelwide, we work hard to provide competitive fares for our clients. This is possible because of our bulk consolidation. However, it is important to note that our cheap tickets often come with limitations.

Does Travelwide provide First Class and Business fare discounts?

We do have the ability to provide the best discounts for First class and business class tickets, as well as premium economy and economy class.

Regarding my air ticket, what type of insurance should I opt for?

When purchasing travel insurance, we suggest that you opt for one that covers air and land travel. Travel insurance is a minor expense that can be very useful particularly if you get one that includes insurance for lost baggage. Some insurance packages also include a night accommodation in the event of interruptions to your flight schedule.