Not many people think of Pakistan when they are planning their summer holidays. But, this intriguing South Asian country is another place where you can witness the fierce contrast between modernisation and raw wilderness. Whether it’s to Islamabad to Lahore, you can book cheap flights to Pakistan from most airports in the UK. Travelwide offers amazing holiday packages which include cheap holidays to Pakistan.

If you prefer the comfort of luxurious hotels and bustling cities, you can find that in this interesting country. But, there’s also the wild and untamed beauty which can be found all around in places like the Karakoram Mountains, which also happens to be the second highest mountain in the world. Not to forget the ancient city of Peshawar, which still retains traces of the ancient architecture that exists in that city. Don’t forget to stop at the museums to soak in the historical significance of the city.

In Karachi, you can visit two of Pakistan’s National Parks. These are the largest in the country and are home to different kinds of wildlife including jungle cats, mountain goats and hyenas. Not to forget that this country has a rich Punjab culture, which you can find in certain cities including Multan and Lahore. No matter your tastes, get in touch with Travelwide for cheap Tickets to Pakistan no matter the time of the year.

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