Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below guide any booking made with Travelwide Ltd. You are advised to read them with care as they inform you of our obligations as well as your rights. The use of Booking conditions we and us should be taken to refer to the company, Travelwide Ltd. You or Your is used in reference to the individual whose name is on the booking or on whose behalf the booking is made in any capacity. If you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions, you are advised to refrain from proceeding with any booking with this company.

Booking Your Travel Preparations

Every one of our services are subject to availability. You are required at the time of booking to state that you accept the terms and conditions. This covers you, the traveller, and anyone else travelling with you. If you are booking on behalf of others, it is your responsibility to ensure payment as well as the veracity of all information given to us. You also have the duty to inform your party of any information we provide you.

Telephonic Bookings: If you are booking via telephone, we require that you forward all necessary data as well as the veracity of the details given. Once we have approved your booking, you will receive an email with the details of payment. Annulment fees will apply thereafter. This is because a reservation made via phone has the same validity as one made in writing. Once you receive the verification kindly read carefully and alert us immediately of any possible errors as making changes at a later stage might not be possible.

Data Security Plan

We will use the information you provide to process your reservation and ensure that the travel preparations are well-organized. The information we retain includes (but is not limited to) the following.

  1. Information which includes name, address, contact number and email address.
  2. Highlights of your visit and the tools you used on our website including, but not limited to, data about location, traffic and logs.
  3. Data entered through forms filled on our website when receiving information or inquiring about our services
  4. Any data provided whenever communication takes place.

The above data may be seen as “sensitive personal data” as prescribed by the Data Protection Act 1998. This is only gathered with your consent and is used to make our website more functional and efficient for your use.

Health Requirements Visa and Passport

You are responsible for the validity of your travel documents and this includes your Passport, Visa and health requirements.

Visa and Passport: it is important to confirm with the necessary embassy or consulate about the conditions for getting Visas to respective countries as these change from time to time. Ensure that this is sorted out before you make your booking to avoid inability to travel or failure to enter a country. We will not be held liable if you are prevented from entering a country due to your failure to ensure your documents are valid. Kindly remember that you need to have at least 6 months’ validity on your passport after your return date and a current Visa for every country you intend to visit, including those in transit. All necessary health documents should also be current.

Observance of laws

You have the duty to observe the laws, regulations and norms of whichever countries you visit, particularly with reference to their drug laws. We reserve the right to terminate your holiday at any point if we are of the reasonable opinion that you are engaging in actions which might be illicit or intolerable to your host country, without being liable for your return costs or for any legal liability you might incur.

Flights and Traveling Documents

Kindly note that although a flight might be termed ‘direct’ in your air ticket, it does not necessarily need to be so as the schedule on the ticket is a mere approximation. This schedule is liable to dhange at any time due to changes in the weather, traffic, or as a result of maintenance or operational problems. Kindly confirm the set time before departure as we will not be held liable for such changes by the airline.

For infant tickets or tickets with that fall within the 10% discount of published costs, a child would need to be less than 2 years in age on the day of the return flight in order to qualify.

Kindly note that you cannot divert your flight route without contacting the airline directly. Also, diversions may be cancelled at any time and without prior notice. Where this happens, we accept no liability for costs incurred.

Confirmation of all Flights

Be sure to get in touch with the airline at least 72 hours before your departure time to ensure that there are no changes to your set schedule. This is necessary for all your flights including the departure and return flights. We accept no liability for costs incurred due to your failure to make such confirmation in due time.

Reservation and Lodging

The hotel and accommodation ratings we publish on our site are gotten from several sources and are merely a general guide. As such, you are advised to note that these might be different in varying countries. The standards differ and so does the comfort even when they have the same ratings.

We do not provide any accommodation exclusively for the use of travellers who have booked via our site. These hotels and accommodation also cater to other travellers from different parts of the world and may sometimes become a hub depending on the period of the year. The accommodation we list is also used by travellers from diverse cultures, ages and countries.

Images: While we make the effort to ensure that the images on our website accurately portray the accommodation, we offer no such guarantee.

Facilities, amenities, and explanations: Again, we do our utmost to ensure that whatever facilities, amenities or explanations are listed are accurate and current, however we cannot guarantee that there won’t be changes. This is simply to give a general idea about the listed accommodation.


The terms below are applicable to the products and services provided on our website, email or phone number. Although you may cancel or modify your booking of any travel product or service, it is important to note that this may only be carried out according to the terms and conditions of the relevant airline or hotel. Some services and products may not be cancelled or modified until certain requirements are met.

In order to find out what flight bookings can be cancelled or modified, kindly contact us by telephone or send an email to info@travelwide.co.uk .

Where a reservation is cancelled or modified after confirm ticket is issued, There is an admin charge of £35 per ticket. Kindly note that where there has been a no-show for a flight, the ticket will be non-refundable (Airline rules & policy apply).

Also, if you choose to change or modify a flight booking close to the date set for departure, then we strongly recommend that you inform us via telephone and get a verification via email before the departure date of the original flight.

Changes of Flights

For cancelled flights, kindly note that the right to compensation lies within the airline’s terms and conditions. In such instances, compensation may include:

  • Transfer to another flight run by the airline with no additional charges.
  • Rescheduling of the route with a different airline without additional charges.
  • A full refund, or
  • Any other form of compensation listed.

Should there be a change in either your schedule or your route before your ticket has been issued or paid for, we will try our best to inform you of such changes.

If such a change takes place AFTER your ticket has been issued in full, it might attract changes to the charges.

The information offered by Travel wide LTD on its website is to guide you. We reserve the right to change any part of the website at any time and without notice, including the dealers, database, information or content. Kindly ensure that you confirm at every point in time if the guide is current, before embarking on any deal.