The Best in Air Travel

Looking for flights to New York or other major business cities with the intention of traveling the right way, these top airline carriers will make every second of the trip well spent.

The business of commercial air travel has seen changes over the last decades, in the early years, going onboard a plane meant settling into cushy, spacious seats for some hours of relaxation and breathtaking views of the world from an astonishing 30,000 feet off the ground.

Travel Wide presents the very best Airlines to look out for in the year 2016. Air carriers that are fighting to bring back the golden age of air travel, that provides total comfort; leg room, long beds with mattresses and Italian linens, and also serving intercontinental dishes while airborne. And you get great deals if you are traveling from London Heathrow or Gatwick airports; also Manchester and Birmingham airports gets awesome deals too.

So are you traveling soon? Booking flights to Ney York? Or searching for an adventure in Asia? These are the 4 best airliners for 2016 brought to you by Travel Wide.

Virgin Atlantic Airways

After celebrating his 30th year of being in the air business in 2015, Sir Richard Branson introduced well-tailored uniforms, followed by a new convoy of aircrafts. The airliner, best known as the pioneer of the seat-back video and amenity kits in every class, continues to influence. Its pace setting premium economy class offers spacious leather seats and a welcome glass of champagne. Thinking of booking you next flight to New York? – consider Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Cathay Pacific

This airliner, based in Hong-Kong based maintains its relevance in the top rankings of the best airliners, by making adjustments to its food service in each cabin and the interior of their aircrafts. Collaborating with starred restaurants in Hong Kong to produce regionally inspired food menus, and bring onboard their fleet specially tailored equipment, like the onboard rice cooker. This Airliner distinguishes itself from the competition and as one of the best airlines, because of the quality of food they offer.

Qatar Airways

After been absent from the list of the best airlines for some time, Qatar airways which is a Doha-based carrier has finally returned to its rightful place. They introduced a new Airbus with an extra-wide body, and its menu designed by Master Chefs, are the weapons in their arsenal that helped them stage a comeback to being amongst the best in the world of Air travel. The airline has a splendid on-board wine list that was developed by Master James Cluer. This year the carrier plans on expanding their services to Boston, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Emirates