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Discover new places and connect different cities with our extensive flight list. Choose from any one of our flight deals and enjoy a more affordable and relaxed journey. Find flights to any destination in the world, from the Americas and Africa, to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Simply provide your flight destination as well as you preferred airport and get connected by our travel agent in East London.
As a high in demand travel agency in Upton Park, we provide access to all major flights, no matter the destination in the world. Enjoy top notch services while experiencing comfort and safety. We ensure that you book flights on airlines you can trust at competitive rates. No matter your route around the globe, you can relax knowing that you are well cared for. When you travel with us, it really doesn’t matter whether you are traveling in economy class or relaxing in the luxuriousness of business or first class. There is something for every budget.
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INDIA-AGRA           Fr £385

INDIA-AGRA                  Fr £385

Pakistan-Landscape   Fr £365

Pakistan-Landscape Fr £365

USA-Washington   Fr£417

  USA-Washington      Fr £417

DACCA- BANGLADESH   Fr      £418


DUBAI-UAE               £299

DUBAI-UAE                     Fr £299

South Africa       Fr £415

South Africa                Fr £415

FAR EAST          Fr £420

FAR EAST                        Fr £420

CANADA             Fr £420

CANADA                          Fr £420

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